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Boat Club Rules


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High end, top line tournament tow Boats from 21 to 22 feet are available in the Boat Club fleet. The fleet currently includes Centurion FI21, Mastercraft NXT22, Supreme S21 and a 2019 23ft Manitou Aurora pontoon will be added shortly there after.
Premium Member is allowed to have outstanding at any time, three weekday Boating Session reservations. Weekend reservations are not permitted. Elite Member is allowed to have outstanding at any time, four weekday or weekend Boating Session reservations. Both Premium and Elite Member may select both the "Early" and the "Late" session if within their membership limitations listed above and keep the boat from the beginning of the Early session until the end of the Late session inclusive.
Member is required to write and pass a Transport Canada Approved boater safety exam at: https://www.boaterexam.com/canada/ for which they will be given a pleasure craft operator card to qualify to take boats out.
OLBC agrees to have the Member’s requested boat available in proper working order and ready for service. Member agrees to return the boat in same condition as when supplied. Should the boat, for any reason, be abandoned at another marina or anchorage and not returned to its slip, the member shall be liable for all expenses related to return of said boat. Failure to return by the end of the boating Session or to check-in (by phone, SMS, or Email) within two hours after return shall be considered a rule infraction.
Membership is NOT transferable.
All disposable items on the boats are Member's responsibility. Boats are all equipped with Transport Canada required equipment. We do provide personal floatation devices for all members which will be in the boat at all times. We do however, recommend you bring your own personal flotation device (PFD), and require that you bring an appropriate type and size PFD for any children on board to ensure a proper fit.
Member agrees to abide by all local, provincial, and federal rules and regulations governing the navigation, operation and care of boats owned by OLBC.
OLBC reserves the right to cancel a scheduled session due to adverse weather.
For safety reasons, pets are prohibited from our boats.
Member has access to the Boat Club fleet of boats from 9am-2pm and 4pm to 9pm* any day of the week with an Elite membership or Monday through Friday with a Premier membership. A "Boating Session" shall be from 9:00am to 1:00pm (may be staggered 15-30 minutes) (Early) or from 4:00pm to 9:00pm (may be staggered 15-30 minutes) (Late), or any portion thereof. One reservation is required for each Boating Session. A limited number of Members will be accepted into Boat Club to insure the maximum reasonable availability of fleet boats.
Reservations should be cancelled as early as possible to afford other Member’s the opportunity to utilize boats and schedule their boating sessions. A $50 penalty will occur for each reservation cancellation after the cut off period to ensure boats are not being left unused. BOAT CLOUD APP: Member shall receive unique login details to the "Boat Cloud" app which validates membership privileges by reflecting which boats and levels of proficiency have been attained.
OLBC will provide assistance to bring a fleet boat back to the dock for any reason, once during a calendar year at no charge. Thereafter a charge of $150 will be assessed. If a fleet boat needs to be brought back due to mechanical issues not caused by member negligence, there will be no charge.
These rules apply to all Members and their guests. Member agrees to abide by these rules and all governmental laws and regulations while on OLBC facilities and boats.
OLBC will maintain full tanks of inboard motor gas. Member hereby agrees to reimburse OLBC for the gas used during their boating session sessions via an active credit card which remains on file. Member may choose to refuel on the lake at their own expense but MUST use the correct fuel (91 octane unleaded gasoline) in all boats. OLBC will refuel all boats at the end of each session and charge Member’s credit card on file if a tank is brought back less than full. Due to fluctuating fuel prices, OLBC’s rate to refuel boats will change but will, at most times remain a significant discount to refueling on Okanagan Lake. If Member has a fuel balance left owing, it must be cleared before they are able to schedule their next reservation.
Member agrees to update OLBC of any deficiencies, maintenance issues or abnormalities before and after each use. This will alert OLBC to any maintenance issues and facilitate repairs of the boat. Member agrees to tidy the boat after each use, and to not leave foods, trash; personal belongs, etc. on the boat. If the boat is not left in an "as clean condition" as when it was taken out, OLBC’s staff will perform this service for $25.00 per hour (minimum charge $25.00).
Member agrees to restrict the use of the boats to Okanagan Lake and to abide by any special navigational limits set by OLBC as specified in the Membership Kit. When the "Kalamalka Lake membership add on" is purchased and two sessions are booked consecutively on the same day, an OLBC representative will ensure the boat is ready to go on the water at the Kekuli Boat Launch (Kekuli Bay Provincial Park) at the members request. If no request is made, the boat will be ready at OLBC’s original location on Okanagan Lake.
Member agrees not to operate an OLBC boat, or permit any other person to operate the boat, while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances as defined by Provincial and Federal Law. No illegal substances are permitted on or around OLBC facilities or boats. Member is responsible for the conduct and safety of their guests. If any law enforcement agency finds illegal substances or any other condition that results in the seizure of the boat, the Member is responsible for all expenses incurred, including lost income to the boat while not available for use by OLBC. In addition, the Member’s membership will be immediately terminated.

Boat Club Rules

While being out on the water is meant to be fun, we also have to ensure the protection and safety of our clients. Please review the following rules below prior to utilizing our services to learn more about the boat sharing process and prevent any unnecessary injuries or accidents.

All Provincial and Federal Laws will be obeyed and adhered to at all times. Failure to comply can result in termination of your membership at the sole discretion of Okanagan Luxury Boat Club Ltd.
Every member will possess a pleasure craft operator card as per our insurance requirements. A member will only operate our boats if they are and feel competent to do so.

Boats will be refueled at member’s expense either by OLBC or by the member themselves on the lake with only 91 octane unleaded gasoline. It is strongly recommended to let OLBC refuel the boat as we can usually provide a discount in relation to the price on the lake. The credit card on file will be used to charge the member for fuel if the boat is not brought back full.
All cancellations must take place before the 12 hour cut off period. If a cancellation takes place within 12 hours of a boating session, the member will be charged a $50 fee. This is done to ensure all our members are able to make the most of their memberships and our boats are not left sitting idle.

Boats will be brought back on time at or before the end of their boating session. OLBC reserves the right to cancel a membership due to this rule infraction for repeat offenders.
Inspection of the boat and the engine will be done in your presence upon departure and at your return.

All damages to the boat, the engine or any of its components, including water toys are the responsibility of the member outside of what Insurance covers, including applicable deductibles.
Smoking is forbidden on all boats.

Approaching the shore will cause damage to the boat and its engine, watch for shallow waters!
Stay at least 100 meters (350 feet) from shore.

Stay at least 100 meters from all buoys. Never pass between the channel marker and the shore line. Respect the buoys on departure and arrival at the dock.
Boats are to be brought back in the condition they were handed to you, free of trash, food and personal belongings. If the boat is not brought back in an "as clean condition" OLBC’s staff will perform this service for $25.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum). Repeat offenders may have their membership suspended or terminated.

Stay at least 100 meters from all buoys. Never pass between the channel marker and the shore line. Respect the buoys on departure and arrival at the dock.
Boats are to be brought back in the condition they were handed to you, free of trash, food and personal belongings. If the boat is not brought back in an "as clean condition" OLBC’s staff will perform this service for $25.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum). Repeat offenders may have their membership suspended or terminated.

When returning to the dock, reduce speed to minimum in the no wake zone. An attendant will help you dock the boat.
Do not dock at any private location other than free or paid public docks and ensure buoys are attached to prevent damage.

Do not under any circumstances, beach the boat.
Respect the environment. Do not throw garbage overboard, a garbage can would be at your disposal upon arrival.

For safety reasons, glass containers are not recommended on the boat.
No pets are allowed onboard our vessels.